Xoom as in BOOM!

Xoom as in BOOM!

Recently, I joined the "wonderful" folks at xoom in order to expand my site.
I was in the process of uploading several borders and graphics to xoom, so I could link my Tripod home to my new "xoom" home.
Two days ago,(9/4/98) I visited my site here at Tripod and discovered that all of the graphics that I had uploaded to xoom were gone. I had planned on moving several more graphics from Tripod to xoom to create several more category sections of graphics there, but when I went to reference them, they had disappeared.
This is what I found in their place:

I was stunned!
So, right away I wrote to those "friendly" folks at xoom, and got no response, however I did get the REMINDER from xoom in my email saying they had more graphics for sale..yada, yada....
As of this writing, I still have no word from xoom.
They took my graphics and


were gone!
Thankfully, I had them backed up on disk, and was able to retrieve them there.

A word of caution,

IF you or anyone you know, has a site at xoom, or is planning on building one, please back up your files!
IF you don't you could find yourself, BOOM! without any graphics or site at all!
Thanks for your time, in reading this, as I hope that this doesn't happen to anyone ever again.
IF you know of anyone, or have a site yourself on xoom, drop me an E-Mail and let me know.
And in closing,
There is no place like Home!

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