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Wine Flavor Descriptions and Food Flavor Matches:

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Salty foods like caviar, potato chips and dips, salsa. Particularly refreshing with spicy foods like pizza and lasagna. A classic match with Chinese foods.

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Sauvignon Blanc

Lemon, Melon, Grassy

Lemony flavored dishes like roasted veal. Chicken, fish and shellfish recipes that taste good with a squeeze of lemon. Broiled fish, baked fish, are perfect combinations. Stir-fried beef with vegetables. Dishes flavored with lemon. Anything with peppers, green bell to hot chiles.

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Apple, Coconut, Buttery, Nutty

Fish sautéed in butter or with almonds. Fried oysters and clams. Fish, shell fish, chicken and veal with cream-based sauces.

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Spicy, Floral

Rich flavored appetizers like gravlax or liver pâté. Spicy and spicy-hot food, especially Chinese. Curries. Hot wings, stuffed hot peppers.

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White Zinfandel

Tropical fruit, Slightly sweet

Hamburgers and any food served with ketchup. Salmon and other meats grilled with tomato-based BBQ sauce. Cold stuffed tomatoes, chicken parmesagne.

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Pinot Noir

Soft and delicate, Cherry

Simply grilled or sautéed beef tenderloin. Perfect with Prime Rib. Roast beef, beef stew, and shish kabobs. Fish poached in Pinot Noir.

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Cabernet Sauvignon

Currants, Rich, Cedary

Lamb and classic beef dishes including Stroganoff, steak with Bordelaise, Bearnaise or other rich sauces. Beef wellington, and pot roast. Duck and pheasant. Grilled salmon.

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Zinfandel (red)

Raspberries, Robust

Hearty stews, dishes with tomatoes or tomato sauce, meats grilled over a smoky fire. Spicy flavored meat dishes, curries and osso buco. Venison and rabbit. Turkey, especially with dressing on Thanksgiving. Cornish hens, sweet and sour chicken.

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