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I am so proud to have won this award!

Thank you so much, Lisa!

A Tribute to my Dad.

My Dad is a Louisiana fisherman.
He trawls the bayous and the Gulf of Mexico for Shrimp.
He sets traps for crabs out in the Bayous.
He also sets traps in the ditches,
creeks, and basins of our parish for crawfish.
Although I am grown
and have a family of my own now,
I still see him walking up the sidewalk,
with all the seafood we could eat!
We was never hungry, and there was plenty to go around.
Of all the things you read on the internet,
and see on television,
and also read in the papers, about Cajuns,
you don't see the look on his face
when he has had a good day in the Bayou.
You don't smell the shrimp on his clothes,
and you don't see him when they had a small catch either.
Not unless you been there..
It isn't all glamour, and parties,
it sometimes is heartache, and worry.
But the Good Lord willing,
we'll have a good day tomorrow.

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