Just Borders and tiles by Rosie

Just Borders by Rosie

These are the borders and tiles.

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Angels and Fairies
~A few angel and fairy borders
~Dolphin, parrot,bees,eagle,bluebird,humming bird,dogs..etc.
Animals page 2
~Fish, another eagle, cat, owl, polar bear, rooster, squirrel, wolf, etc..
~Mostly Roses, but a nice variety of others.
Flowers page 2
~Tulips, sunflower, pink and purple flowers..etc..
Food and Kitchen
~Hot peppers, bananas, herbs, corn, tomatoes, etc..
Food page 2
~Cherries, candy, spoons, coffee grinder, wine, etc..
~Music notes, a saxaphone, piano, a band...
Odds and Ends
~Champagne Bottle, cakes, checkerbord, peace sign,an old compass, an undercover guy, etc...
Tiled Backgrounds
~floral, lightning, hot peppers, odd and unusual backgrounds.
Tapestry Tiles
~Tapestry patterns, full Backgrounds..
Oriental Borders
~Geisha Girls! Very elegant.
Victorian Borders
~A little girl, boy, a victorian lady, flowers, a fan, etc..
~Doll borders
More Odds and Ends
~Old jars, a basket, a wreath..etc..
Special Borders
~A mask, medieval couple, elegant ladies, etc..
Games and Sports
~Baseballs, basketball, pool, dartboard, footballs, golf..etc..
Kids Borders
~Pooh bear, rubber ducky, mouse, jar of hunny, etc...
Different Borders
~books, champagne bottle, shell border etc...
Old Fashioned Borders
~An old fashioned garden, powder room, lamps, etc..
More Full Tiled Backgrounds ~Misc full backgrounds..
Scenery borders ~Mountains, city, beach, etc..Country Borders ~Hat, garden, bench, baskets..etc..More Full backgrounds
Full backgrounds Latest full backgroundsMore floral borderscoming soon!

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