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*Note, most of these are bordered backgrounds, and a few tiled.
Remember that when using bordered backgrounds you will need to set a table tag, just after the html, and body, tags. Your table tags will look like this:
[table width=70% align=right][tr][td]
*Replace [ ]with standard brackets< >.
Don't forget to close your table tags right before you close the body, and html tags at the end of your page.[/td][/tr][/table]
*Note Replace [ ] with the standard brackets < >

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Complete themed sets
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Bayou Graphics by Rosie
Includes crawfish sets, seafood, Louisiana, mardi gras sets and much more!

I have received a very nice gift from a special lady!

Thanks Pam!
If you would like to visit Pam's Place, just click on the above graphic!

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*Note: Some of my graphics were created using Paint shop pro tubes.
Please follow my tube link to find out where I got these wonderful tubes: Paint Shop Pro Tube Links

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